Conrad Atkinson

Conrad Atkinson was born in Cumbria in 1940 and gained degrees from Carlisle College of Art, Liverpool College of Art, and the Royal Academy schools. Conrad Atkinson’s art melds the methods of conceptual art with political activism to serve as a catalyst for social change.

Artur Barrio

Artur Barrio lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He attended the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes and was the Brazilian representative at the 2011 Venice Biennale. Much of his work consists of installation pieces that create an interaction with the public while dismantling the symbolic meanings attached to objects.

Mark Booth

Mark Booth is an interdisciplinary artist, sound artist, and writer residing in Oak Park, Illinois. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Rick Brettell

Richard Brettell is among the foremost authorities in the world on Impressionism and French Painting. With three degrees from Yale University, he has taught at The University of Texas, Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, Yale University, and Harvard University and is currently Margaret McDermott Distinguished Chair of Art and Aesthetics in the Interdisciplinary Program in Arts and Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Gary Cannone

Gary Cannone is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles, California.  Taking the form of lists, public signage, photography, audio, performance, film screenings, and video Cannone’s work is concerned with communication, exchange, and interpretation.

Anthony Elms

Anthony Elms is Associate Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, and is also the Editor of WhiteWalls Inc. His writings have appeared in Afterall, Art Asia Pacific, Art Papers, Artforum, Cakewalk, May Revue, Modern Painters, New Art Examiner, and Time Out Chicago. He has also written essays for many catalogs. As an artist, Elms has been included in projects exhibited at Gahlberg Gallery (Glen Ellyn), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), Mandrake (Los Angeles), Mess Hall (Chicago), Randolph Street Gallery (Chicago), and VONZWECK (Chicago), among others. He has independently curated many exhibitions, including: Sun Ra, El Saturn & Chicago’s Afro-Futurist Underground, 1954-61 (with John Corbett and Terri Kapsalis); Interstellar Low Ways (with Huey Copeland); Can Bigfoot Get You a Beer?, and A Unicorn Basking in the Light of Three Glowing Suns (both with Philip von Zweck).

Stephen Chambers

Steve Chambers is a Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas-based residential architect and President of Stephen B. Chambers Architects Inc. Chambers Architects specializes in custom home design, remodeling, and historic renovation.

Amy Drezner

Amy Drezner is a Los Angeles based architect currently working with sound composites. She studied with the Arte Povera artist Jannis Kounellis and has received fellowships from UCLA’s Architecture and Sculpture departments.

Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott earned his BFA in Photography from the University of Texas at Arlington. He lives and works in the Dallas area.

Matthew Girson

Matthew Girson is an artist whose work exists at the limits of human perception and reason. Although primarily a painter, he also works with sculpture, sound, and scent.

Randall Grahm

Randall Grahm is the owner and Winemaker at Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz, California. He is the author of Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vinthology and currently lives in Santa Cruz with his muse Chinshu and their daughter, Amelia.


Matt Hanner

Matthew Hanner (April 13, 1971 – December 13, 2011) born in Columbus, OH, lived and worked in Chicago, IL. He was an artist and stay-at-home dad and graduated from Columbia College with honors.


Chris Hefner

Chris Hefner was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and lives and works in Chicago. His work with film, sculpture, print, installation and sound has been shown in such venues as the Chicago Underground Film Festival; And/Or Gallery, Dallas; Lausanne Underground Film Festival; Flicker Film Fest; UndergroundfilmMaker Fest, San Francisco; and the Center for Book & Paper Arts.

Christine Hoang

Christine Hoang is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington. Hoang has assisted the North Texas artist, Frances Bagley, interned for the Teen/Artist Project at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, and is currently an intern at The Power Station in Dallas, Texas.

Hannah Hudson

Hannah Hudson earned her BS in Art Administration from the University of Tampa. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Intermedia at The University of Texas at Arlington. Her work mainly utilizes sculpture, printmaking, photography, text, and installation.

Donald Judd

Donald Judd (June 3, 1928 – February 12, 1994) was an American artist and sculptor. His precisely made cubic and rectilinear works were instrumental in setting a new course for American sculpture and eventually established him as a leading figure in the Minimal Art movement.

Darryl Lauster

Darryl Lauster is an Assistant Professor of Intermedia/Sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington.  His work is based in the research of American history and mythology, and utilizes digital media, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

Stephen Lapthisophon

Stephen Lapthisophon, currently teaching at the University of Texas at Arlington, is a multimedia artist and writer whose work addresses questions of language, history, and cultural memory. His work has been exhibited in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Berlin and Barcelona. Lapthisophon is also represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Guillaume Leblon

Guillaume Leblon makes films, installations and interior objects, which alter the viewer’s perception of space. He belongs to a group of artists who believe that art is neither a representation of the world or knowledge, but an extension of reality and its possibilities. Leblon currently lives and works in Paris.

Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt (September 9, 1928 – April 8, 2007) renowned for his role in establishing conceptualism and minimalism as dominant art movements in the postwar era, is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking wall drawings.

Kristin Mariani

Kristin Mariani is a Chicago based dressmaker, designer and artist. In her art and design practice she investigates hidden layers of labor discovered inside found cloth and garments, incorporating physical responses to material that emphasize process, patience, and chance.


Michael Mazurek

Michael Mazurek is an artist who lives and works in Dallas, TX. He teaches design and sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington and has exhibited work in Santa Monica, Chicago and Dallas. He co-founded the Dallas Biennial and co-curated its first exhibition, DB12 Volume 1.


Tucker Meyers

Tucker Meyers, born in Irving, Texas, is currently a senior at The University of Texas at Arlington, majoring in Film/Video/Screenwriting. Meyers writes screenplays and critical essays about and for film.

Adrian Piper

Adrian Piper is a first-generation Conceptual artist and philosopher. Her artistic work has focused on racism, racial stereotyping and xenophobia for over three decades. She studied art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, received a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Musicology from City College of New York, and holds a PhD in Philosophy from Harvard University.

Michelle Rawlings

Michelle Rawlings, born in Dallas, TX, received her MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012, graduating with Honors. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Martha Rosler

Martha Rosler, born in Brooklyn, New York, earned her BA from Brooklyn College in 1965 and her MFA from the University of California, San Diego in 1974. Her work in video, photo-text, performance, critical writing and installation constructs incisive social and political analyses of the myths and realities of contemporary culture.

Richard Roth

Richard Roth received an MFA from the Tyler School of Art and a BFA from Cooper Union. He is currently a faculty member in the Painting and Printmaking Department at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Claire Savoie

Claire Savoie’s works create friction among all senses, emotions, language and reason. She teaches at L’École des arts visuels et médiatiques à Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) where she lives and works.

Tanja Schlander

Tanja Schlander is a Danish sound artist and performer. She received her BFA at the Jutland Academy of fine Arts and her Masters degree at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Schlander lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark where she is pursuing a career in Reflexology.

Michael Schmacke

Michael Schmacke works in many fields: performance, installation, improvised noise music and film. Schmacke lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Ludwig Schwarz

Ludwig Schwarz lives and works in Dallas, TX where he was born in 1964. He studied at the School of the Chicago Art Institute, earned a BFA from SMU in Dallas and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson is a Chicago-based visual artist who creates sculpture, drawings, performances and video animations that explore themes of time, loss, private and social rituals. Her artwork embraces conceptual strategies and handwork using everyday materials — table linen, bed sheets, human hair, lace, thread, glass, and wire.

David Wise

David Wise, born in Anaheim, California in 1968, works as a translator in Berlin, Germany.

DB12 Staff / Volume 2

  • Stephen Lapthisophon / Curator
  • Michael Mazurek / Exhibition Manager/Designer
  • Christine Hoang / Exhibition Coordinator