The DALLAS BIENNIAL (DB) is an artist run biennial and non-profit. We look to the now ubiquitous format as a means to advocate art production and investigate exhibition and curation. Each biennial will be titled DB, followed by the year of its launch. This year is DB14.

_DB purposely seeks to examine what are often seen as the dominant centers of artistic production and display. This includes curatorial practice, exhibition models and education. Each biennial aims to investigate and reflect on emerging developments in contemporary art, set within a shifting context.

Each DB comprises a range of activities extending over an indeterminate period. This includes publications, discussions and exhibitions staged in various locations culminating in a final “biennial.” In this way, DB aims to create a workable interface between prevailing international artistic and intellectual debates, paying attention to the specific qualities and idiosyncrasies of a given time.

Inherent to DB’s nomadic character is the desire to explore geographical and psychological territory of given spaces, both physical and virtual, referring both to border-lines and concepts. This process aims to establish closer dialogue between particular cultural and artistic situations and the broader, international fields of contemporary art, theory and politics. (1)

Dallas Biennial (TM) is a 501(c)(3) organization

Organized by

Michael Mazurek / Jesse Morgan Barnett

DB14 staff

Exhibition Manager / Sharon Turner

Exhibition Coordinator / Alison Starr

Intern / Trae Rowland

Photographer / Rodney Rogers

(1) manifesta has been influential with DB’s beginning thoughts in terms of our vision – we’d like to note this influence and thank the organization