against the art categories

against the salons

against the awards

against the jury

against the art critique


Owing to a series of situations in the plastic art actor, in the sense of using more and more materials considered expensive, for our, my reality, in a social-economic aspect of the Third World (including Latin America), because the industrialized products are not at our, my reach, but under the power of an elite that I contest, because creation cannot be conditioned, it has to be free.

Therefore, starting from this socio-economic aspect, I use perishable, cheap materials in my work, such as: garbage, toilet paper, urine, etc. It is obvious that the mere participation of works made up by precarious materials in the closed circuits of art, incites the contestation of the system due to its present aesthetic reality.

Because my work is conditioned to a kind of momentary situation, the record will be automatically the photograph, the film the recording, etc. – or simply the retinal or sensorial record.

Therefore, I think the expensive materials are being imposed by an aesthetic, thought of an elite what thinks from the top to the bottom, U cast in confrontation momentary situations with the use of perishable materials, in a concept form the the bottom to the top.


Artur Barrio a metafor das fluxos 2000/1968