Denken ist Danken


Much of my recent work is concerned with the act of paying tribute to the past: to my cultural heritage and to the vagaries of the construction of that past. I am interested in the idea of a certain kind of “out-modedness” and how that condition comes to be. We exist within the reach of our epoch. I am drawn to operating within the anachronism.


The act of making reveals a kind of thanking. I am mindful of the permission granted to me by the past: the permission to be in the past by making thinking present. The act of creating is my way of giving thanks. Just as the quotation transforms the past by extending it, we extend our reach into the past through thinking.


The pieces in this exhibition constitute an engagement with the work of others—sometimes by combining the work of many in one piece. We are not whole entities; purity does not exist. I wish to extend a hand to the work that allowed me to make the work that I make. The work itself extends the previous work. The clearing of one path leads to another.