1932 – 2006

Video art imitates nature, not in its appearance or mass, but in its intimate “time-structure” . . . which is the process of AGING (a certain kind of irreversibility). Norbert Wiener, in his design of the Radar system (a micro two-way enveloping-time analysis), did the most profound thinking about Newtonian Time (reversible) and BergsonianTime (irreversible). Edmund Husserl, in his lecture on “The Phenomenology of Inner Time-consciousness” (1928), quotes St. Augustine (the best aesthetician of music in the Medieval age) who said “What is TIME?? If no one asks me, I know … if some one asks me, ‘I know not.’ “This paradox in a twentieth-century modulation connects us to the Sartrian paradox “I am always not what I am and I am always what I am not.”