Investigating the basics of physical computing, arduino, and servo mechanics, CAMERA » SERVO » RANDOM documents an experiment of feeding random values to the rotating motor with a camera mounted on top. The initial experiment produces a wiggling aesthetic as the servo attempts to reach its constantly changing objective angle back-to-back, 24°, 93°, 4°, 144°, etc. In the second experiment, a delay of 400 ms was introduced between sent values. This delay not only allowed for the servo to better reach its diverse goals, but also to quickly produces a marching beat at which the servo pulses to-and-fro. In the third phase, this delay was reduced to 200 ms, creating tighter gaps between servo movements and the development of accented rhythm.



Meta Mishandling, 2012


Following a request by the curators of DB12 to include a text entitled Precise Mishandling of the Digital Image Structure, an uncertainty came about regarding how the work could be shared, especially considering the copyright status its current publication journal holds over the redistribution of content. In contrast to this concern, the short article is freely available in full, uncensored, via Google Books, where the text can be read as an image but not highlighted or saved. This predicament led to the idea that one could create a derivative work by taking screenshots of content and transferring it to a new document. Along the way, these images undergo a glitch or precise mishandling process, as described throughout the text, in order to push the content further into the realm of an original artifact.