Mishka Henner is the signature artist in “From Here On” (2011), a group show representing the new age of photography at Les Rencontres d’Arles. Henner was awarded the Kleine Hans award for six bookworks produced between 2010 and 2011. Henner’s book Winning Mentality was acquired by the Tate Collection of Artists’ Books in 2010. Portfolios of Henner’s works have been published in Photoworks, Photography Now, Else Magazine, Ojo Depez, the Guardian Weekend magazine, Source, and Frieze d/e.


In 2012, Henner was longlisted for the Prix Pictet and Paul Huf Award. Henner is a member of the ABC Artists’ Book Cooperative. “No Man’s Land” exhibited at HotShoe, London in 2011 and BlueSky, Portland in 2012. A solo show by Henner is forthcoming at the Open-Eye Gallery in Liverpool in 2013. Henner lives and works in Manchester, England.