Humming Music and Grinding Teeth


(37 min. video)




Arlington, TX; The Island of Mystery; The Simpsons; Władysław Tatarkiewicz; George Bush; The Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”; Laura Theobald; Key West; Rob Sweet, “Ophelia”; DFW airport; American Airlines; midnight road crew; Jack Flats; tight-rope walker; C.J. Davis; Gonzales, “dot”; Mike Gibbons; Fiesta; Noel; Diana Lorenz; AIDS Memorial Park; Helen Koger; River Legacy Park; Hannah Hudson; The Beatles, “When I’m 64″; Diseases of the Eye; Trader’s Village; Mike Mazurek; U-haul; Commodores, “Easy”; Pavilion Apartments; monk; Roobay; Hudson Dairy; Children’s Cemetery (UTA Campus); Debby Gibbons; Heather Gibbons; Fox 2 News (1988); Ms. Moore (kindergarten teacher); Dwayne Hirst; Sarah Schultz; Ronald Gayta; kindergarten class, “Ave Maria” (1988); The Turtles, “Happy Together”; Trex, “Cosmic Dancer”; Laura Cascos; David Gibbons; Gibbons Family Reunion (1989); Oak Cliff thrift store; TCC; Patsy Cline; Jared Holt; Jennifer Holt; James Moore; Jason Unger; Carol-Anne Hudson; Moose; Helen Schenck; Lockhart’s; Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, “Cold White Christmas”; Jesse England; Jackson 5, “Who’s Lovin’ You”; Studio Arts Center (UTA Campus); Billie Holiday, “God Bless the Child”