_Gustavo Matamoros has been working with music, sound art, and community design in Miami for nearly 30 years. His music, cross-disciplinary, and sound installation work arise from the notion that sound is the audible evidence of a world in motion. He has received many awards and commissions from music, theater, visual, and media art organizations and government agencies and has received significant support for his curatorial projects as the artistic director of Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival and of SFCA’s interdisciplinary Sound Arts Workshop.


Matamoros lectures periodically about his work with sound and has taught critical listening and creative sound at Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) and at Miami International University of Art and Design. Frozen Music—his most recent ensemble project in collaboration with composers David Dunn and Rene Barge—premiered in November 2009, during Sleepless Night in Miami Beach. The 13-hour-long performative installation, Canal, was experienced and well received by an estimated audience of 50,000.


His most recent award is a 2010 Knight Arts Challenge Grant for the establishment of a public sound art listening gallery at the ArtCenter in South Florida on Lincoln Road.