_Björn Ross (b. 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden) is an artist, producer, curator, and organizer.  He has been living and working in Copenhagen since 1982. Ross was educated at The Royal Danish Art Academy and has exhibited regularly in the Nordic countries, Europe, and North America since 1982. Starting out as a painter in the ‘80s, Ross shifted focus towards installation and mixed media art in the ‘90s—including photography, video, sound, and computer and Internet-based art projects.


Parallel with his practice as an artist, he works as an organizer and producer of many sound art and early music events and festivals, such as Overgaden Sound Art Festival (2004) and Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival (annually since 2006). With Nordic Network For Early Opera, he coordinates baroque opera productions, such as Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo (2007) and Poppea (2011) and Cavalieri’s Rappresentatione di Anima et di Corpo (2010).


In 2008, he made the videographic setting for the dance performance Closer in collaboration with composer Simon Christensen and the dance company Åben Dans.


Ross is further engaged as administrator and board member of several projects, networks, and ensembles, such as, Nordic Network For Early Opera, Vocal Ensemble Musica Ficta, NORDEM (Nordic Federation For Early Music), and REMA (European Early Music Network).